Saturday, 19 November 2011

four quartets and four soli

Angharad Davies - violin 
Julia Eckhardt - viola 
Dominic Lash - doublebass 
Stefan Thut - cello

The programme offers readings of four scores for open (string)quartet-settings and a quartet as a combination of four solo works. The setting of the traditional string quartet – two violins, viola and cello – is abandoned by replacing the second violin. Double bass player Dominic Lash joined the three string players Angharad Davies, Julia Eckhardt and Stefan Thut all active in the field of composed and improvised experimental music.
The idea of bringing together the four instrumentalists is inspired by Michael Pisaro’s cycle of solo-works ‘mind is moving’: the cycle allows for presentations as solos or in various combinations of the single pieces. A version for string trio was performed in Brussels at q-o2 in 2010 revealing previously unheard constellations.
The quartet scores cover various strategies combining precision and indeterminacy. Johnny Herbert’s piece minutes notes about a prescription for an action: the time of writing is still trackable in the score. John Lely defines durational aspects through the nature of the string instruments and their bows. Dominic Lash sets out a time grid in order to place actions that vary between processuality and stability. By the sparse use of signs Stefan Thut works with relatively determined systems organizing sound and silence. All of the pieces have in common to allow the sound of the environment accompanying the performed actions.

Johnny Herbert. Piece which is a time line of ideas for a piece - starting at 03:34 on Feb. 9th? (2011)
John Lely. String Trio or Quartet (2009/11)
Dominic Lash. for four (2011)
Stefan Thut. vier, 1-12 (2010)
Michael Pisaro. mind is moving #2,3,4,5 (1995/96)

July 3rd 2011
Säulenhalle Landhaus Solothurn (CH)

Download four quartets and four soli (aiff)

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